© 2014 Wendy Miller Photography. Used With Permission.

During my time in seminary, my husband and I traveled to be with his extended family for his mother’s funeral service. Following the service, we were able to spend time grieving, hugging, and talking with family members we hadn’t seen in quite some time.

Then someone asked me what I hoped to do once I graduated from seminary. I answered, “I don’t know. I don’t want to be a trailblazer.”

She responded, “Oh, honey, you already are.”

And that frustrated me so much. I never wanted that.

In elementary school, I was painfully shy, and even as an adult I’ve had to fight against a deeply-ingrained desire for everyone to like me.

But for some reason, God kept calling me. I keep on preaching, speaking, and writing, and by the grace of God the whole thing holds together.

I see each day as an opportunity to live with integrity, zest, creativity, and joy. I don’t always succeed, but each morning is a new opportunity to try.

I’m on the lookout for glimmers in each person I encounter that remind me I’m looking at, speaking to, living life with someone created by a loving God.

I take pictures of nearly everything, especially food I’ve made, crafts I’ve created, storm clouds, and the wildly hilarious things my kids do. Along with bits of theology, thoughts on life, and ministry experiences,  sometimes I share ridiculously sarcastic things like “How to Shrink Your Church in 12 Easy Steps,” and occasionally I share free craft ideas and crochet patterns (like my Tiny Tooth Monster Crochet Pillow), and some recipes.

About once a month, I post over at That Reformed Blog, where I pretend to know a lot about theology.

By calling and profession, I’m a co-pastor – the first ordained female in my Classis (so much for not blazing any trails!). My husband Jeff (who blogs at Sideline Theology) is my partner in life and in ministry as we minister together in a rural church. We’re raising two fantastic children. I enjoy running (even though I’m not very fast), spending time outside, reading (both theological stuff and children’s books), and music.

As a side project, I’m researching the history of the mountain house my great-grandparents built in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

I’m pretty active on Facebook and Twitter. I see every blog post as a conversation starter, and I hope you’ll join in.