Are Men and Women Enemies? – Guest Post

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I wanted to share with you my latest guest post over at That Reformed Blog – “Are Men and Women Enemies?” In Genesis 3, when sin entered the world, a curse followed. The curse affected man, woman, their children, the serpent, and even the creation. God says that there will be enmity between the serpent and the woman (and her offspring). When looking at male-female relationships and dialogue within the church today, sometimes it seems as though we’ve forgotten that the enmity was never meant to be between men and women. I wanted to start a conversation about this, and so I’ve shared a piece over at That Reformed Blog titled “Are Men and Women Enemies?”

I hope you’ll check it out, and jump in on the comments!

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    I don’t know my experience has been equal enmity with intra-gender relationships as well. I always focused on being spurned by women because their rejection meant more to me when trying to look for a girlfriend. But now that I’m looking for guy friends the intra-gender competition is getting to me more. I really think the culture has been turning sour and this affects everyone regardless of whether they are in the church or not. Christians just seem to bottle the sour up and then it manifests itself passive-aggressively which affects me worse than if they would just come out and say things. Social grace is often a cover for the fact that there isn’t any actual grace present. *I’m* turning sour, being more aggressive and indifferent when people ignore me or push back. If you are a man you are expected to initiate and be assertive but I’m not a natural at it so when I do it it comes out as forced, rigid, and sometimes offensive. I don’t like what I’m becoming but what I’ve been doing the last ten years hasn’t been working.

    • That is so true…and it is so unfortunate. 🙁 Comparison is killing our society, and ridiculous expectations on men and women are part of all of it. We have to work hard to change the idea that all men are a certain way or need to be a certain way. I always appreciate your insights, and the world has much to learn from you.

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