Supplies needed:

*Size 7 crochet hook (this is much smaller than a size E hook)
*Embroidery floss in desired colors – I did red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  I prefer to do bracelets in multiples of three (three strands, six strands, or nine strands)
*Measuring tape or ruler

This pattern will make a bracelet for a small child (preschool age or a little older), but you can make one for any size. Measure around the wrist of the person you are making the bracelet for. That size is approximately how long you need to make each chain.

Work with two strands of first color held together. I started with red.

1. Leaving a tail about 8 inches long, chain until chain is about 5 inches long. Fasten off, and leave another 8 inches of extra embroidery floss.

Repeat round 1 with each remaining color.

Once you have made your desired number of chains, hold all of them together on the left side.

Knot all strands together like this:

Repeat on the other side,  making sure not to twist the chains.

At this point, your bracelet could be finished. If you want to finish it here, even up your ends, still leaving a couple of inches of extra thread, and then tie the bracelet on. I prefer to leave mine loose enough that it can be easily slipped on or off.

If you would like to finish it with a crocheted ending, form a loop and make a chain while holding all colors together. After you’ve made a few chains, it will look like this.

Fasten off. Repeat on the other side. Even up ends, and tie on  your bracelet.

My son wanted a bracelet, too, so I made him a green and blue one by holding one strand of green and one strand of blue together for each chain. His bracelet is made of three chains instead of six.IMG_6269
Once you have made a bracelet or two, they work up really quickly. I hope you’ll give this pattern a try. If you do, I’d love it if you’d share pictures of your finished project with me! Happy crocheting!