I can’t even believe it. My oldest child lost his first tooth yesterday. A couple of weeks ago, I was at a meeting at the church, and my husband was home getting the kids ready for bed. When I came home, I set my papers on the counter by the door, and I went right up the stairs to tell my kids goodnight and give them hugs and kisses. My little girl was already asleep <insert massive amounts of mommy guilt>, so I gave her a kiss on the cheek and went into my son’s room.

“Momma, I have a loose tooth! Dad noticed it when he was brushing my teeth!”

Wait a second. Wasn’t he born just yesterday?

“And that means the tooth fairy will come! You put your tooth in a tooth pillow, and the tooth fairy comes, and she brings you money!”

Wow. We’ve said basically nothing about the tooth fairy at home. Of course, he told me he learned all about tooth pillows and the tooth fairy from his friends at school. He showed me his little wiggly tooth. I expected him to be afraid, but he was being so brave about it. And then…

“Momma, would you crochet me a tooth pillow?”

What crocheting momma could say no to a request so sweet? So, I told him I would, and then I set to work designing a teeny tiny crochet tooth monster pillow.

Baby teeth are small. No need for a huge pillow or pocket to put it in. And, the tooth fairy who visits our part of the country doesn’t leave large amounts of money, so a tiny pocket would be just right. These tooth monster pillows can be custom designed to suit the personality of most any child. My little girl told me that when she gets a loose tooth (hopefully not for a couple more years!), she wants one with lots of teeth and more felt details. Add what you’d like to make yours unique and fun.

Crochet Tiny Tooth Monster Pillow
-finished pillow is about 2.75 inches tall

Supplies needed:

*Crochet hook, size G
*Yarn needed
*Needle and thread (for attaching button eyes and felt details)
*Two buttons (matched or mismatched)
*Main color of yarn
*Small amount of yarn for a tooth
*Felt, if desired for details
*Small amount of fiberfill stuffing

Back of Tiny Tooth Monster Pillow – with main color

1. ch. 16, turn
2. sc in each across, turn (15)
Repeat round 2 – 15 times
Fasten off

Front of Tiny Tooth Monster Pillow and Lip/Pocket – with main color

1. ch. 16, turn
2. sc in each across, turn (15)
Repeat round 2 – 20 times
Fasten off

Tooth – make 1 (or as many as you want) – with contrast color

1. ch. 4, turn
2. sc in each (3)
Fasten off


This is a terrible picture, but it was the best one I could get. The front of the tooth monster pillow is longer than the back. Fold up the part that is longer and stitch it into place. This will make the front and the back the same size, and will create a small flap/pocket on the front. This will be the monster’s lip, and the place where the tooth fairy can leave whatever the going rate for baby teeth is in your part of the world.

At this point, it works best to attach the face design to the front of the monster pillow. I started with the eyes. If you are doing felt, stitch that into place. Stitch the eyes on, and finally stitch on the tooth.

With right sides together, stitch the two sides and bottom of the front and back of the tooth monster pillow together, leaving the top un-stitched. Turn the monster pillow right side out. Stuff the pillow, and stitch the top closed. Weave in ends.

Last night was very exciting as our son eagerly awaited the tooth fairy’s first visit. Time goes so fast!

And…out of curiosity…what’s the going rate for baby teeth at your house? If your kids are grown or you do not have kids, what was the going rate when you were a kid?