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I love baked potatoes. One of my two kids does too. But, I never can tell how hungry the kids will be come dinner time, and so I always make an extra potato or two just in case. I’d rather make too many than not enough.
Mmmm…potatoes. They are good so many ways: topped with homemade chili, stuffed with BBQ beef, sprinkled with roasted broccoli and cheddar, or served with just a pat of butter. Potatoes are so versatile, and they re-heat very well.
I’m sure you didn’t find this blog post by searching for love poems about potatoes, so I will cut to the chase. Out of the blue one morning, I woke up with an idea for  how to use up  two extra baked potatoes. I love this recipe because it makes a simple, satisfying breakfast recipe with a bit of protein.

“Loaded” Baked Breakfast Potatoes
*2 medium potatoes, already baked and refrigerated overnight
*1 large egg (I used farm fresh)
*1 Tbsp. green pepper, chopped
*1 Tbsp. onion, chopped
*2 Tbsp. plain greek yogurt
*1 tsp. taco sauce
*cooking spray
*Variations: add crumbled cooked bacon or sausage into the egg
Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Lightly spray baking sheet with cooking spray. Set aside. Cut potatoes in half lengthwise. With a spoon, gently scrape out center of each half, being sure to leave a thin layer of potato on the sides and bottom. Place potatoes on prepared baking sheet.
In a bowl (or, I used a glass measuring cup with a pour spout), beat an egg with a fork. Fill the holes in the prepared potatoes about 1/2 full with beaten egg. Be careful not to over-fill. Sprinkle desired amount of chopped pepper and onion into beaten egg.
Carefully place baking sheet into oven, and bake 10-14 minutes, or until eggs are set and begin to lightly brown on top. While potatoes are baking, mix 1 Tbsp. plain Greek yogurt and 1 tsp. taco sauce to make topping.
Remove potatoes from oven. Top with desired amount of Greek yogurt mixture. Serve immediately.

This recipe can be changed up in a variety of ways. Add in some already cooked and crumbled breakfast meat (like bacon or sausage). Use up leftover roasted veggies of your choice, or mix in whatever produce is on sale at your grocery store. I used fresh bell pepper and onion, but you could definitely use frozen and save yourself an extra step and some time.
If you make these, let me know how they turn out for you!