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Photo by @notethanun on Unsplash

Dear God,
We are going back,
into what once was normal in the before times,
what once brought the comfort of routine,
the opportunity for learning,
the hope of dreams and aspirations to be fulfilled.
But this time we are going back,
in these complicated times,
where the comfort of routine is offset by the turmoil
and fear of the unknown,
where the opportunity for learning is constrained by the need
for protection and distance,
where the hope of dreams and aspirations are confused by the anxiety
and uncertainty of what the future might hold.
Lord, as our children carry these heavy backpacks,
and we carry our heavy and burdened hearts,
will you lift us up and carry us through?
Embrace these children,
surround their teachers,
uphold each parent and guardian.
Sometimes it all feels like too much.
We feel unable to keep going.
We don’t always know what to do.
Help us, Lord, as we go back.
Help us, Lord, as we move forward.
Help us, Lord, in this moment,
We need you.