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Have you ever heard of Christ the King Sunday? If your answer is no, you are not alone. As far as Christian observances go, Christ the King Sunday is lesser known than many others, but it is an important day to take note of before moving into the season of Advent.
Christ the King Sunday falls on the last Sunday before Advent. Advent begins a new church year, and it starts from the beginning, with the expectation and longing as we await the birth of Jesus. Christ the King Sunday marks the end of one church year, and helps us to transition into a new one. In that way, Christ the King Sunday is a little bit like New Year’s Eve for the church.
In this children’s lesson, I encourage the kids to think about what their lives would look like in the new year if they lived like Christ really was King. If you’d like more information about Christ the King Sunday, or some further worship planning helps, check out this helpful link: Christ the King Sunday Worship Planning. You are welcome to use any part of this lesson that is helpful to you.
It’s New Year’s Eve, and Christ Is King! – Christ the King Sunday children’s lesson
*Party blower/horn
*Party hats, other New Year’s Party decorations (optional)
(Blow on the party blower.) Happy New Year! Did you know it is a little like New Year’s Eve today. This is the very last Sunday of the church year, and next Sunday we start a new church year with the first Sunday of Advent. Sometimes on the last day of the year, we think back about how the year went. We think about the good things and the tough things, and then we decide what things we want to do better in the future.
Have you ever done that? Sometimes we call these New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions don’t always work very well, though. It’s easy to go back to our old habits. But, I do think it is a good idea to think about the kind of people we hope to be…to think about the kinds of choices we want to make and make changes if we need to.
So, today before we start a new church year, we are celebrating Christ the King Sunday – the day we set aside to remember that Jesus is King. What do kings do? Kings are the ones in charge, right? They make tough decisions, and good kings try to make decisions that will be good for all the people – not just for himself.
Jesus is our King! And on this last Sunday before we enter into Advent, we want to make sure we’re living as children of the King. We want to make sure we care about the things Jesus cares about.
What kinds of things do you think Jesus cares about? Jesus cares about the way we love our neighbors. He cares about the choices we make. Jesus cares about the way we love God, and about the way we grow to become more like him. On this last Sunday of the church year, let’s decide we want to live next year a little bit more like children of the King. On the count of three lets blow our party blowers. 1 – 2 – 3! (all kinds of noise!)
I’m excited for the new year. I hope you are too. Pray with me:
Dear Lord, thank you for this year. Thank you for all you have taught us, and for all you have done. Help us to live more like your children every day. Amen.