Life’s Frantic Liturgy – Guest Post

By July 21, 2014My Thoughts

My latest guest post over at That Reformed Blog – “Life’s Frantic Liturgy”  – takes a look at what liturgy really means, and how each of us has a liturgy in our own lives. We are always being formed by what we do, whether we are being formed into the kind of people we want to be or not. Our liturgy molds and shapes us, sometimes in very unhealthy ways. I wanted to start a conversation about liturgy in our lives, and so I’m sharing with you my guest post – “Life’s Frantic Liturgy.”

I hope you’ll check it out, and jump in on the comments!

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  • intercision

    I wouldn’t knock busyness. Being busy generally means you aren’t a social outcast. I have spent long periods of my life idling because people won’t befriend or hire me (the cause and effect chain work both ways on those two things). Some of it is my fault because I’m not much of an everyman so don’t converse well with uneducated people (who are much more accepting of me than educated people).

    • I think staying away from idleness is important for sure, but busyness (to me) is a lack of boundaries, or being busy because it is how we get our self-worth.