We Don’t Even Know We’re Missing It

By January 16, 2015My Thoughts

I’m over at That Reformed Blog┬átalking about how difficult it is to re-learn community once you’ve learned self-sufficiency. Often, we don’t even know we’re missing out on community until we find it once again. Here’s a peek at what I’ve written…

In 2001, my college communications professor angered the class by assigning a research paper and then forbidding the use of the internet as a research tool.

She told us we had to find our information…at the library.

Even though many of us were juniors in college and had lived on campus for three years, I heard hushed whispers filled with anxiety.

Where is the library? I’ve never even been inside?

No one uses the library! This is what Wikipedia is for, right?

If I use the library, I can’t wait until the night before to start my assignment!

And this was 14 years ago.

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