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I can’t even tell you how excited I am that Mihee Kim-Kort has an entire series on her blog about co-pastoring. The posts have been fantastic, and I hope you will check them all out. I had the opportunity to share from my perspective as a co-pastor, and I wrote about the priceless, intangible gift we were given before we even arrived at our first call. That gift has made all the difference. I hope you will check it out.
Here’s a little bit to give you a sneak peek:

My husband and I were given an incredible gift before we ever began our ministry together in our first church. Even though it isn’t anything I can hold in my hands or look at, this gift has had a profoundly positive impact on my ministry.
Almost eight years ago, my husband Jeff and I were in our last semester of seminary. We had been in conversations with a lovely church in rural Iowa, and we were hoping to be their co-pastors. As first-time ministers, we had no idea what ministry would look like in an actual church. As first-time co-pastors, we had no idea what it meant to share a ministry (apart from the idealized way we pictured it in our heads). As soon-to-be first-time parents, we had no idea what it meant to be parents at all, let alone what it meant to be co-pastors with a newborn child.

Get the rest here.