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It’s time to celebrate! We’ve finally done it!
We’ve known for a long time that creating a shrine to our money would be frowned upon. After all, Jesus said some things about doing that. But, after chipping away at our deeply held religious convictions for a long time now, we’ve finally found a way to couch our money worship in thinly veiled Christian language. We’ve found a way to worship the almighty dollar in the name of the Bible’s Almighty God.
It’s a win-win, really. We can profess a faith that opens the door to being elected to political office. We can honor Jesus with our words on Sunday morning – or at least in our Facebook rants – and then do whatever we want for the rest of the week. We can claim to serve a servant Savior, all while buying our way into the positions of power and status and prestige that insure we’ll never need to serve anyone other than ourselves again.
For the past few decades, we’ve built up our businesses and corporations. Like a viral infection, they’ve spread across the country – from state to state, and town to town. Big boxes set up for convenience that we’ve drawn people into. We worried that the loss of a personal touch would scare people away, but it turns out that they want to save money as much as we’d like to make it.
We used Christian language that has drawn the consumer to us like moths to a back porch light. We have spoken our values loudly from the rooftops as a way to blind those around us to who we really are and what we truly stand for.
And it worked. Oh, how it has worked.
Even better than we ever could have anticipated.
We’ve become part of their extended families.
After all, they sit in our chairs at the family dinner table. They sleep in our beds. They give meaningful gifts they first received from us. We are everywhere, and they love us for it.
And they protect us. They defend us so vigorously that we no longer have to defend ourselves. When our greed and unjust practices are called into the light, our loyal family and followers line up to fight for our cause. They invest money in our battles. They serve us because we have served them so well. They love us because we first loved the money they love so much.
After all, we’re just people like they are. People working hard to actualize the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – which most certainly includes the pursuit of wealth and social status. When the big boxes and corporate chains are dismantled, we are their family, their friends, their children, even themselves.
Lift high the banner! Hold it upward for all to see and celebrate! Jesus saves, and so will you. Precious money saved as we work together for the cause.