The Sacred Day of In-Between

By April 4, 2015My Thoughts

What happened on that Holy Saturday, that sacred day of in-between?

The day in between the cross and resurrection.

In between death and new life.

How did it feel for those who did not know what Sunday would bring, when on that first day of in-between dreams remained shattered?

How was it for those who, on the Sabbath, could not rejoice in the gift of rest and re-creation, because death still lingered and mourning remained a close companion?

On that sacred day of in-between when death was real and present, hope must have seemed impossible, or at best wishful thinking. The Sabbath like a prison, trapped with fear, heartache, and questions that could not be answered.


But, oh! On this sacred day of in-between the Sabbath was not idle rest, but restoration.

The longing would not remain unfulfilled.

The darkness would not forever snuff out the light.

The tomb would not forever keep the Lord.

Death would not have the final word.

But on this sacred day of in-between, time seems to stand still.



Pictures show the lunar eclipse on Holy Saturday – April 4, 2015



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  • Anna Marion Howell

    Beautiful poetry! And I’m glad you were able to get up in time to see the eclipse like you’d said you wanted to!

  • Paul Frazier

    Thank you. This is very fine. And it’s where most of us are.

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  • Tim

    I wonder too about the timing of Jesus’ being in the tomb being on the Sabbath. Not only does it show the ultimate day of rest, but happened on a day when his followers would have been conditioned to focus entirely on God. Perhaps that was to help sustain them as they went through the day, not knowing the surprise awaiting them the next dawn.

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